SSB is supporting the National Biomechanics Day

Biomechanics: The Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century

National Biomechanics Day (NBD) seeks to increase awareness of Biomechanics among high school students and teachers. Through increased awareness among young people we will expand the many valuable contributions Biomechanics already makes to human society. These contributions include substantial impacts in medicine and rehabilitation, human performance, man-machine interfaces such as prosthetics, and many more fields. Biomechanics also serves as the perfect vehicle for STEM education because it embodies Science Technology, Engineering, and Math and it is fun for kids. Through our effort, energy, and enthusiasm we will make Biomechanics the breakthrough science of the 21st century.

NBD has grown from a U.S. based initiative in 2016 to a worldwide Biomechanics movement in 2018! We have demonstrated our viability by growing from 2,000+ high school students in 2016 to over 11,000 students in 2018. In total, we have introduced Biomechanics to 20,000+ young people and 800+ teachers. Laboratories throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, England, Portugal, and a host of other countries provided hands-on, interactive Biomechanics demonstrations producing tremendous excitement about Biomechanics among the high school students and teachers, as documented by the photographs on Instagram:

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NBD 2019 will be April 10, and based on our continued growth, we expect to greatly increase the number of participating Biomechanics Laboratories, Biomechanists, and high school participants. NBD events are simple: invite high school kids to your lab and show them cool Biomechanics under the NBD banner. NBD is also inclusive of all people and we actively promote Biomechanics to underserved populations in the U.S. and around the world. We have an outstanding record in gender diversity with over 50% of the participants being female.

We have received support from many international organizations and commercial enterprises including the American, International, Brazilian, and Canadian Societies of Biomechanics, Nike, Delsys, VICON/IMeasureU, and of course AMTI, to name a few. We are now proud to be associated with the Swedish Society of Biomechanics. Our full sponsor list is available Here. Please explore the rest of our website and please join NBD 2019 at Register Here.

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