General Information

The “Swedish Society of Biomechanics”, acronym SSB, is a non-political, non-profit

The Society has the following aims:
i. To encourage progress in the field of Biomechanics in all aspects, including basic
and applied research and education;
ii. To promote the propagation of scientific information in the field of Biomechanics;
iii. To promote the interaction between different disciplines of the field of
Biomechanics as well as between basic and applied research;
iv. To cooperate with other scientific organizations, governmental and private bodies,
both national and international that pursue similar activities;
v. To develop structured activities on issues involving Biomechanics.
To reach these goals, the following activities are promoted:
i. The organization of an annual meeting at which members of the Society are
encouraged to present their educational, research and development work;
ii. The organization and management of advanced courses on special themes
suggested by the members;
iii. Promoting young biomechanics-oriented scientists active in Sweden;
iv. Using “ad hoc commissions” to address identified issues in areas of
v. Provide information to members about Biomechanics research in Sweden and

GA 2023 Agenda

Swedish Society of Biomechanics General Assembly Meeting Agenda (Org. no. 802518-0608) Nova Park, Knivsta, Stockholm 2023-09-08, 11:40-12:15

  1. Opening of meeting and approval of agenda​
  2. List of members at the meeting​
  3. Approve 2022 General Assembly protocol
  4. Report from the Council on previous year’s work​
  5. Membership fee​
  6. Elections​
  7. Suggestions for new SSB activities​
  8. Next meeting​
  9. Other business​

End of meeting​

GA 2022 (meeting protocol)