SSB Annual Conference 2023

Swedish Society of Biomechanics

2023 Symposium and 5th Annual Conference

Nova Park Conference, Gredelbyvägen 138, 741 71 Knivsta

7 September 2023

9.15  Bus departure from KTH, Lindstedtsvägen 1

9:45 – 10:30 Welcome coffee

10.30 – 10.45 Welcome, introduction

10.50 – 11.30 Oral session 1: Impact Biomechanics.  Chair: *Svein Kleiven, KTH

  • Qi Huang, KTH: “A comparative study of energy absorbing floors for reducing head injury risk during fall accidents”
  • Maryam Majdolhosseini, KTH: “Which part of axonal membrane is the most vulnerable: A molecular dynamics/Finite Element study”
  • Natalia Lindgren, KTH: “Development and Whole-Body Validation of Personalizable Female and Male Pedestrian SAFER Human Body Models”

11.30 – 12.20 Oral Session 2: Biomedical Imaging.  Chair: Matilda Larsson, KTH

  • Kunal Sharma, Lund Univ: “Characterizing heterotopic ossifications in healing rat Achilles tendons”
  • Isabella Silva Barreto, Lund Univ: ” Micro- and nanostructure specific X-ray tomography to study collagen regeneration during tendon healing”
  • Christoffer Olsson, KTH: “Mechanical Properties of the Brain with Parkinson’s Disease”
  • Estelle Pitti, KTH: “An experimental setup for assessment of traction force and associated fetal brain deformation in vacuum-assisted delivery”

12.20 – 13.30 Lunch and photo

13.35­ – 14.20 Keynote lecture: Rodrigo Moreno, KTH: “Magnetic Resonance Elastography and its Role in Biomechanical Imaging”. Chair: Toni Arndt, GIH

14.20 ­– 14.45 Oral session 3: Biomaterials and Implants.  Chair: *Caroline Öhman Mägi, UU

  • Yijun Zhou, Uppsala Univ: ” Validated, high-resolution, non-linear, explicit finite element models for simulating screw push-in strength”
  • Salim Ghandour, Uppsala Univ “Biomechanical evaluation of cement discoplasty with low-modulus bone cement: a human ex vivo study”

14.45 – 15.25 Oral Session 4: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Biomechanics, part 1.  Chair: Lisa Prahl-Wittberg, KTH

  • Lea Christierson, Lund Univ: ”Simulation of patient-specific mitral heart valves using fluid-structure interaction”
  • Emelie Bäcklin, KTH + KI + KS, ” Evaluation of pulmonary ventilation and function with computed tomography”
  • Aurora Rosato, KTH: “Spontaneous cardiac-locomotor coupling in healthy individuals during daily activities”

15.25 – 15.50 Fika

15.50 – 16.30 Oral Session 5: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Biomechanics, part 2 (Chair: *Jonas Stålhand, LiU)

  • Seraina Dual, KTH: “An extra-aortic soft robotic cardiac support device: patient-specific in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation”
  • Priya Nair, KTH + Stanford Univ: ”Hemodynamics in Patients with Aortic Coarctation: A Comparison of in vivo 4D-Flow MRI and FSI Simulation”
  • Elias Sundström, KTH: “Dynamic computational modeling of congenital aortic valvar disease”

16.35 – 17.30 Poster session

19.30 Dinner

8 September 2023

8.35 – 8.40 Welcome/recap

8.40 – 9.25 Keynote lecture: Hanna Isaksson, Lund University: “Synchrotron-based imaging to understand musculoskeletal tissue mechanics and mechanobiology”.  Chair: Ruoli Wang, KTH

9.25 – 10.15 Oral session 6: Movement and Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, part 1.  Chair: Lorenzo Grassi, Lund

  • Yixing Liu, KTH: ”Testing a cable-driven ankle exoskeleton in real environments”
  • Ibrahim Hasan, KTH: “Effects of Posture on Shoulder Kinematics and Muscle Activity in Seated Exercises: A Pilot Study”
  • Xiaochen Zhang, KTH: “Design of a 2-DoF Soft Ankle Exoskeleton for People with Dropfoot and Excessive Inversion”
  • Viktor Jönsson, Lund Univ: “Analysis of geometric variance in articular cartilage sample biomechanics using finite element”

10.15 ­– 10.35 Fika

10.35 – 11.25 Oral session 7: Movement and Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, part 2. Chair: Joakim Holmberg, LiU

  • Israel Luis, KTH: “Simulation, development, and preliminary validation of an ankle quasi-passive exoskeleton”
  • Frederico Klein, KTH: “Proof-of-concept OpenSim Real-Time ROS Integration”
  • Mariah Sabioni, KTH: “Shoulder biomechanics during pull-up techniques”
  • Qiantailang Yuan, KTH: “Video-based accurate kinematics estimation from high-speed human motion”

11.25 – 11.40 Very short break for award winner tallying

11.40 – 12.15 SSB Annual General Meeting.   Chair: Lanie Gutierrez-Farewik

12.15 – 12.25 Awards.  Chair: Rodrigo Moreno, KTH

12.25 – 12.30 Conclusions.  Lanie Gutierrez-Farewik

12.30 Lunch

13.45 Bus departure back to KTH

Keynote lectures:

Hanna Isaksson, Lund University: “Synchrotron based imaging to understand musculoskeletal tissue mechanics and mechanobiology”

Research group link:

Abstract: All musculoskeletal tissues (bone, cartilage, tendons, etc.) have unique hierarchical structures and compositions that together entail their mechanical function and response to load. To understand musculoskeletal disorders and diseases, one must understand the structure, composition, and function relationships.  This presentation will give an overview of our strive towards developing synchrotron-based multiscale approaches to visualize and study tissues during simultaneous load, using tomographic imaging, scattering and/or spectroscopic methods. The experiments are tailored to deliver important data for computational model development and validation, as further combined development of dedicated experiment and computational approaches will be key to expand our understanding of mechanobiological, biomechanical or biological processes in a range of musculoskeletal tissues.

Short bio: Professor Hanna Isaksson works at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Lund University. Her research area is primarily bone biomechanics and mechanobiology, focusing on functional imaging and statistical shape modeling of bone, characterization of bone damage and fracture mechanisms as well as on improvement of bone quality during fracture repair. She is also interested in tendon biomechanics and mechanobiology, especially how loading affects the repair process of Achilles tendon ruptures. She has authored over 160 peer-reviewed scientific papers, is a member of the Swedish Young Academy and World Council of Biomechanics.

Rodrigo Moreno, KTH: “Magnetic Resonance Elastography and its Role in Biomechanical Imaging”


Abstract: Measuring the mechanical properties of biological tissues can give insights into the physiology of different diseases, leading to better diagnosis and treatments. In the first part of this talk, I’ll review the most used methods for biomechanical imaging at different scales and types of tissues. Then, I will focus on one of these techniques: Magnetic Resonance Elastography. More specifically, I’ll describe the technology, its applications, challenges, and current work in our research group.

Short bio: I am an Associate Professor at the Biomedical Imaging Division of the Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My research focuses on devising new mathematical-founded computational tools for analyzing medical images acquired through different imaging modalities. We use advanced artificial intelligence techniques for medical image analysis. In the last few years, my group has specialized in the analysis of diffusion MRI (dMRI) and MR elastography (MRE) data.


*Kyle Mudge, KTH, “Passive Cardiac Output Regulation Through Biomimetic Artificial Ventricle Pump Design”

*Kalle Torniainen, GIH, “Interindividual variation in performance response to advanced footwear technology”

Joakim Holmberg, Linköping Univ: “Biomechanical study on the acetabular cup stability using different screw fixations”

*Hanna Hörwing, KTH: “Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of Femoro-Femoral Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation”

*Lea Christierson, Lund Univ: “Simulating atrioventricular valves using fluid-structure interaction, a validation study against phantom experiments”

*Jingru Fu, KTH: “Individualized longitudinal MRI synthesis for Alzheimer’s Disease and Normal Aging”

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